Cybersecurity for 
Threat Protection.

Xentaurs is a modern security company providing Consulting, Design, Implementation, and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services to ensure customers can evolve their digital presence while maintaining their security posture.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Xentaurs takes big concepts like Zero-Trust, SASE, and compliance and develops that into a strategy that is both communicable and actionable so teams can align around and deliver the outcomes they want.

Managed Detection & Response

Leverage our 24x7x365 expert security team to keep your platforms fully upgraded and well maintained. We relentlessly scour for threat activity and respond to incidents within minutes.

Layered Application Security

As applications evolve beyond the data-center and become cloud-native, security needs a unified approach that goes well beyond firewalls and addresses threats down to the process level.

Zero Trust Architectures

Leverage practical controls to rapidly meet Zero Trust objectives across workloads, data, users, and end-points with a ZT architecture that teams can implement, evolve, and drive security outcomes with.

Hybrid Cloud

Zero Trust

Layered Application Security

Modern architectures & applications require a new security approach that can adapt to application evolution and enforce policy across a diverse set of assets and platforms without sacrificing velocity, scale, and uptime within enterprise environments.

We secure enterprise applications as they evolve by providing full stack observability, scoring your exposure, and enabling adaptive security controls.

Ensure Your Zero Trust Journey

Xentaurs simplifies complex next-gen technology engagements and accelerates the adoption of best of breed security solutions without compromising agility.   With a combination of innovation experts and a set of proven methodologies Xentaurs guides companies through their digital initiatives by providing consulting, integration, enablement, and managed services that ensures desired outcomes leveraging the latest in Cybersecurity solutions.