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Xentaurs Managed Detection and Response: MDR 

Our Clients Need For Support Resulted In A New Growth Opportunity For Us

As Xentaurs helps more fortune 1000 companies modernize and secure their cybersecurity future, a question frequently arises: “What do we do when we are left alone to manage this new complex security environment?” 

While Xentaurs provides enablement for their customers and implements projects in a “teach-you-how-to-fish” manner, some organizations do not have the staff or the resources to manage their existing platforms let alone new ones.

Xentaurs Managed Detection and Response provides a designated team that proactively reviews alerts and incidents from the customer’s security tools. If an incident is deemed real, the customer is informed, and Xentaurs works with them contain the threat in real-time. 

Security environments are becoming increasingly complex with teams unable to have deep expertise in all the products sets they are leveraging. Additionally teams are split between implementing new initiatives and handling change tickets, performing upgrades and integrations, and responding to incidents. 

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and I would have these folks in my corner any day.”

Sentara, MDR Client

Our MDR clients find that they can take on more initiatives with their engineers and architects relatively free from some of the day-to-day involvement from support and incident response. With Xentaurs both root-cause-analysis and resolution comes more efficiently as we have responded and categorized thousands of issues over the years with trained and focused resources. 

Over the course of the last two years, Xentaurs continues to widen the scope of our MDR services to include a broad spectrum of best-in-class security platforms. It is effective in ensuring customers are leveraging the security platforms they’ve already invested in and that incident response and support are no longer a limitation, but rather a piece of, their zero-trust strategy.

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