Core Values

We at Xentaurs continue to believe that the “work” we do is simply the product of our combined passions.  When we launched Xentaurs in 2016, that passion sparked a journey and it has created this platform where we can collectively contribute to goals that are greater than what we could accomplish apart. A place where we push our abilities further. A place where we help each other grow.

Growth is the key to life, be it personal or business. Afterall, if you’re not growing, you’re dying, right? As we help each other grow, so too does Xentaurs. If we zoom in, our growth is more than the number of years we’ve survived. We see it in the quality of work, in the reactions of our partners and clients, and in the comradery that glues us all together.

Zoom in further and we begin to see what makes us special at our core. The soul of this company is built on the values we all share.

It’s something you hear time and again.  We each work among a team of A-Players. There’s no question that the strong work ethic and diligence is something we not only share, but something that attracts other people like us.  Those that are Badass.  The best of the best that always follow through, delivering the highest quality of work.

Being the best-in-class cannot come without another key ingredient: Integrity. It’s our dedication to honesty and working towards objectives for our greater good that make any of this possible.

We stay Positive. It’s not always easy, but it wouldn’t be a value if it were. We’ve always been able to operate in a constructive, unassuming and non-hostile manner.  Bringing a pleasant attitude that welcomes feedback and handles conflict effectively.

We are Team-Players. We work well together because we love to say,” Yes, let me help”. Our commitment and respect for each other embody the spirit of collaboration and this brings us an enjoyable and safe environment to thrive.

We are Proactive. As pioneers of the 100% remote workplace, self-management and self-motivation are second-nature. We take full ownership. We assume responsibility. We bring ideas to the table and take initiative without the need to be asked or supervised.

When people ask us what the secret to Xentaurs’ success is, it’s embodied in ourselves and our values. The secret is that we have and remain:

  • Badass: The best of the best in what we do. Diligent and detail oriented. Always following through and delivering results with the highest of quality.
  • Integrity: Display a strong work ethic while making decisions based on honesty that are fair, objective, and for the greater good of the company.
  • Positive: Operate in a constructive, unassuming and non-hostile manner. Bringing a pleasant attitude that welcomes feedback and handles conflict effectively.
  • Team-Player: Represent a spirit of collaboration. Working well with fellow Xentauri. Conducting ourselves with commitment and respect, creating a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Proactive: Taking full ownership of area of responsibility, bringing ideas, and taking initiative without the need to be asked or supervised.

Each value a strong contributor to our growth. When we look at the big picture we see Xentaurs. When we zoom in we see our Xentauri core values. Those that embody the Xentauri core values are always learning, always teaching, and not only love what they do, but have mastered their craft. The Competitor. The Winner. The Badass.