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Juan Guevara
Co-Founder & COO

Displaying established relationships with industry-respected luminaries like Cloudera, MapR, Pivotal, Cisco, as well as a variety of emerging upstarts in the Big Data space, Juan is recognized as an expert in the strategy and execution of a wide range of innovative business practices. During his 20 years in technology, Juan has designed several enterprise architectures for several global Fortune 500 companies and built world class practices for large systems integrators. A leader with initiative, enthusiasm, and accredited technical skills, Juan last designed and grew a renowned Big Data practice at a large consulting organization providing enterprise-class, next generation data analytics solutions.   Juan is a co-founder and a jack of all trades.

About Xentaurs

Xentaurs is the premiere digital technology consultancy and services integrator for enterprise customers. With a focus on Infrastructure as Code, Software-Defined Architectures and Cloud platforms, Xentaurs offers strategy, integration, and enablement to make digital business transformation a reality and empower the IT channel.