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Chanson Peevy
Sr. Director Cybersecurity

Chanson Peevy is an experienced leader and expert in modern network architectures and security. As a Senior Director of Cybersecurity with over 25 years of experience, his technological prowess has evolved to focus on best practices around Integrated Security and enabling automation strategies using Software Defined Networking (SDN).  

Chanson has been responsible for the successful migration and adoption of next generation technologies  through multiple Fortune 1000 deliveries, resulting in increased organizational efficiency, decreased release risk, and faster time to market. He has brought server virtualization into data centers around the globe as well as performed migrations from physical to virtual computing solutions.  

Chanson has also architected and implemented global datacenter security strategies, which allowed for datacenter consolidation, standardized security processes, and Day 2 Sec-Ops planning, among other business-facing initiatives. 

Chanson continues to lead the way by designing and innovating on current best practices, while keeping his team ahead of industry trends and at the forefront of transformation. 

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