Software Delivery: Encouraging the Customer

Why wait and see how it plays out? In 2019, DevOps, CICD, infrastructure as code, etc.; this is a solved problem despite a lack of adoption and ready capabilities in many software businesses small to enterprise. Software shops that find themselves in this position should consider an accelerated approach. In the next few years, companies must rapidly catch up or risk the inability to deliver at the rate and capability of their competitors. This is for two reasons: technology advancements are differentiating the customer experience with radically improved capabilities setting their solution apart, and second, the competition who isn’t still trying to ‘level-up’ or ‘re-discovering’ for themselves DevOps and CICD is instead focusing and investing in these outcomes now.

“CI/CD & DevOps are so 2007. Technology leaders and professionals need to elevate their thinking to guide their businesses through disruptive times.”

At Xentaurs, we’ve lead R&D and IT transformations for years across product and technology teams from Agile to DevOps, CICD, to software architecture, platform consolidation, software rewrites, etc. The experience, repeated validation, and refinement of our methods enable us to help you skip ahead on these initiatives. We are technically prepared to do this. It is essential to note that rarely, if ever, is it the case that a software team doesn’t have the capability and talent to do this themselves – if this was, in fact, the issue it’s likely not something we can fix. Instead, we are focused on aligning with the talented, capable teams and enabling them rapidly with aligned technology patterns as well as the necessary coaching and training to bring everyone along. Our goal is to quickly shift your focus away from solving problems that aren’t your core business.

The Five Bullets of Software Delivery

  • A must in 2019, immediately install low-maintenance, scalable and flexible internal capabilities for software delivery to address end-to-end, planning to production.
  • Having already solved this, competitors will accelerate both in the ability to focus on better customer experiences and the use of new technologies that set their solutions apart.
  • Failure to install a software delivery solution due to delay, reinventing the wheel, or prioritization will dramatically impact your business’s ability to keep up with competitors.
  • It is false that on-prem, legacy code/infrastructure or established environments should not be included or the inclusion will cause pollution of the ideal software delivery solution.
  • Xentaurs ability to create alignment, accelerate, coach, train and remove guess-work is not a replacement for your talented and capable teams. It is also not a suggestion that it can’t be solved internally. However, our goal is to rapidly install the best-fit-and-practice, end-to-end capabilities together with your team to quickly shift focus away from solving problems that aren’t your core business.


Joey Barrett


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