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Perspectives on Digital Transformation: An Interview with Mike Mayo

Mike Mayo is a digital strategist, technologist, sales enablement and marketing professional. He is a co-author of the book SOLD: Selling Outcomes Leading Deals, and the Head of Digital Strategy and Experience at Xentaurs.

Xentaurs: What is your philosophy on Digital Transformation?

Mike Mayo: Having a Digital Transformation strategy in place comes down to understanding your user’s experience and having the technology infrastructure in place to reach a point of continuous innovation. Only by reaching a point of continuous innovation can a company keep up with the rapidly changing demands of their user base, stave of competition, and ultimately become disruptors themselves.

What is the most misunderstood aspect of this technology?

That DX evenly spans both Experience (of customers, user and employees alike) and Technology. DX is guided by Experience and powered by technology. Simple as that. Also that DX is a single strategy that you can implement once and are finished with at some point. DX is here to stay and is a never-ending initiative. The moment you pull away or slow down, you risk disruption.

Who benefits from this technology and how do they benefit from it?

The benefits are vast. From greater market share to increased revenue to new revenue streams. The moment you are aligned with the needs of your customers and employees and you have the technology infrastructure to support and pivot with these needs, the greater the chance your business has of surviving the constant threat of disruption.

When a company is able to continually innovate based on these demands they can then benefit not just in terms of revenue, but they can see increased customer engagement, brand equity, and even decreased turnover all of which impact the bottom line and just as importantly – company culture.

Name one outstanding fact that should blow your mind regarding this technology.

That it starts with empathy. Seeing through the eyes of your customers and employees and not compromising on what would better convenience them. The moment you stop looking through this lens you begin to lose a grasp on the needs of your users and that is the beginning of the end. Brand loyalty no longer exists, the users go with the brand that listens, that cares, and that adapts to their ever-changing needs.