Modern Cybersecurity Solutions for the Enterprise

The Rise of the Cybersecurity Jedi

A New Hope Against Cybersecurity Threats Rises With Xentaurs’ Latest Jedi Program.

The Jedi Program, aptly named after a popular fantasy flick in which skillful masters take on apprenticeships, our junior engineers enter an accelerated and robust training program led by Senior Director of Security Services, Chanson Peevy, and Cyber Security Architect, Omar Vega. After a rigorous training, and demonstrating an understanding and practical use of their new training, our junior engineers graduate as full fledged Cybersecurity Engineers. 

Our company is experiencing non-stop growth and having new talent join our senior architects has been incredible for the team dynamic.

CEO, Anoj Willy

What sets the Jedi program apart from any class, course, or virtual training is Xentaurs’ hands-on and real-world training with major fortune 500 enterprises. The ‘Young Jedi’s’ witness actual events and use cases for their training and work side-by-side with engineers and architects to design and execute on solutions, learning best practices and applying that to actual needs of an enterprise corporation.


The Jedi Program positioned me for success by diving head-first into the design and implementation of Cyber Security policy in a customer working environment.

Ashton - Jedi Program Graduate

When you have the guidance from Xentaurs' incredible cybersecurity architects, who have done this hundreds of times, the process becomes easier to understand.

Gabriel - Jedi Program Graduate

From the very beginning, Xentaurs has set me up for success. I am grateful for the Jedi program in that it helped me develop not only my technical skills, but also my client relations skills. I am excited to see how far my fellow Jedis and I grow. I know we are going to go far!

Destiny - Jedi Program Graduate

With the first group of junior engineers graduating from the Jedi program and taking on cybesecurity roles within the company, Xentaurs considers this a highlight for our explosive year.  This successfully launched cybersecurity training aimed at nurture young engineering talent to get them up to speed to tackle real customer challenges will be refined and continue to help Xentaurs grow with the speed of our business needs, at a scale which would otherwise be implosive.