Infrastructure as Code

With the evolving landscape of human interaction being driven by global digitization, the Infrastructure underpinning social and professional interactions is taking on an entirely new identity. 

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Why IaC?


By removing bottlenecks, DevOps processes can be streamlined without the worry of 3rd-party intervention. In turn, this allows for greater freedom in automation testing and deployment.

Risk Reduction

Reduce risk with automation to avoid customer disruption; enforce infrastructure, environment, and region consistency; and ensure effective defect mitigation and remediation processes.


Leverage templating and CI/CD pipelines to drive standardization in your infrastructure, bringing your application and technical environments into alignment and enabling faster iteration time through service cataloging.


IAC allows for the instantiation, deletion, and re-instantiation of servers remotely ad hoc. If more server space is needed during peaks, for example, it is possible to configure servers to act intelligently.


With IaC all under-the-hood processes become auditable and traceable, from source to delivery. Greater operational insight enables faster technology adoption, defect remediation, and time to market, allowing stakeholders to better gauge organizational performance (KPIs).

Efficiency Gain

Experience greater efficiency gains and faster time-to-market for infrastructure & engineering departments, as well as cost optimization of the infrastructure itself.

Perspectives on
Infrastructure as Code

The Tech

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