Digital Solution Integrator

Xentaurs is a next generation consulting and systems integrator dedicated to making digital technology transformation a reality, designed from the ground up to architect and build innovative solutions so that they can be better consumed by business users to provide game-changing technical outcomes.

Core Focus

With expertise in DevOps, Infrastructure-as-Code, Cloud and Software-Defined Infrastructure, Xentaurs turns complex technology into digital solutions that are easier for businesses to consume.


A great way to lay a foundation for the successful adoption of next-generation technologies.


Gain exposure to a technology or concept, evaluate capabilities and provide an adoption-driven implementation.


Driving adoption by implementing the right technology to sustainably elevate and advance a workforce.


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Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDN)

Build solid-network patterns, from application centric, and hybrid-cloud models, to automation to truly enable SDN.

Workshop SeriesACI AccelerateACI Enable


Explore the container tool landscape, select the right tool-sets, build, and containerize your apps.

Workshop SeriesCCP AccelerateCCP Enable


Security in the age of multi-cloud workloads and rapid-deployment requires a new way of securing applications and workloads.

Workshop SeriesTetration AccelerateTetration Enable

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Leverage HCI as it was meant to be: intelligent software to create building blocks. Build for flexibility and cloud-like scale.

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