A Note from a Xentauri – Joe Ancona

About a year ago, a former colleague of mine, called me up and asked if I would be interested in talking to this company called Xentaurs, as they were looking for some leadership in Florida. I initially squawked at the idea as I had a very good position with one of the top three big data vendors and had never heard of or knew what a Xentaurs is. After the second call from him, I said why not, let’s entertain it.

On my first discussion with one of the co-founders, I was hearing someone talk sense around how to make technology successful, not just sell a widget; I started to get more excited about it. On the next interview, they had a way of speaking with a confidence and certainty about the company and the role that left me to the point of genuine excitement for the possibilities Xentaurs has to offer. By the time of the last interview, I was completely amazed at the amount of knowledge and talent this small company had that it was truly remarkable – it was also one of the hardest interviews I have experienced, but knew this opportunity was the change of my career thus far. Thankfully I was still offered a position after that one!

Why is this important? Xentaurs is more than a company to work for; it’s a family. We all complement each other’s skills, look out for one another, and dedicate ourselves to shifting the conversation from “Who are these guys?” – to “Holy shit, where has this company been, they’re exactly what we’ve been needing!”

Xentaurs is comprised of some of the most incredible talents in the industry, yourselves included! In less than a year, we’ve gone from me being the lone wolf in this region, to a wolf pack and counting! I’m extremely excited to have all of you here, and I’m looking forward to us collectively bringing the Xentaurs family and our region, to a whole new level.

Joe Ancona #19


“A Note from a Xentauri” is a series of blogs from the Xentaurs team, allowing you to get a better understanding of the company, the culture, and the people we call family.  If you are interested in joining the family, be sure to check out our CAREERS page for available openings.